List of political mass execution victims in 1980s 

During the summer of 1988, thousands of Iranian political prisoners were taken from their cells and executed.  All over Iran, men and women were blindfolded and shot, or hanged in exercise yards or prayer halls.  None of them was taken to trial, instead they were asked a few questions by what became known as the “Death Commission”, and sentenced to death according to their responses. These prisoners had survived the mass executions of the early years of 1980s and were in the process of serving their long sentences.

No one knows the exact number of those executed a consequence of censorship and severe repression in Iran. But, to this day, there are around 5,000 known names of victims which have been documented by families, political parties and organizations.  Many of those who were killed had served their sentences, but were still in prison as they would not agree to the conditions of their release.

The massacre was the climax of a massive elimination process from 1981 to 1988, under which around 20,000 dissidents disappeared, either dying under torture or being executed by firing squads.

The names are categorised alphabetically by surname, followed by the given name etc

1981 to 1987(First period in 1980s)


1988 (Second period in 1980s)